Meet The Team

Eugene Pearce

Eugene PearceEugene is an ex semi-professional Rugby League Player. His parents are both Physiotherapists. Wanting to do something different to them he started a short career in IT which he quickly realised was not for him. He decided to become a Chiropractor having seen how effective this was in treating bad backs. Eugene Graduated from the AECC in 1993 and worked for a short period with Valerie in the film industry as a Chiropractor. After being sat gridlocked on the M25 travelling to Pinewood Studios he realised living in London was not for him, and moved to Inverness. Eugene now enjoys attempting to Kitesurf and Surf (badly), and working on his small-holding. He has a special interest in lower limb injuries, gait problems and functional foot orthoses. Eugene practices traditional chiropractic techniques combined with exercise, and is proficient in the use of the various electrical modalities (Ultrasound / Interferential / Shockwave. Eugene specialises in Gait analysis and Orthotic prescription, and recently has introduced the use of a 3d Scanner for foot analysis and the manufacture of foot orthoses, a first for the Highlands. He is also qualified in Medical Acupuncture / Myofascial Dry Needling.

Valerie Pearce

Valerie PearceValerie graduated from the Anglo European College of Chiropractic in 1993. She became interested in Chiropractic during her final year at School in Aberdeen. She has a particular interest in the management of the unsettled baby and in hypermobility syndrome. Her interests are scuba diving, (but only in warm water) and gardening. Living in the Highlands, Valerie has become an accidental crofter, and now has ducks, hens, pigs, cats and dogs to look after as well as garden. She practices traditional chiropractic techniques combined with exercise, myofascial dry needling and is proficient in the use of the various electrical modalities (Ultrasound / Interferential / Shockwave / Electro-Acupuncture).

Jeremy Pizer M.Ost

JeremyJeremy is a Registered Osteopath. He is qualified in Spinal Manipulation, and has a background in exercise and rehabilitation. Jeremy graduated from the University College of Osteopathy. Previously he has been a Staff Sergeant in the army, and has run a self-defence school in London. His medical philosophy and approach focuses on the body as a functioning unit and uses a combination of manual hands-on treatment (Manipulation, Mobilisation, Massage, Myofascial Release, Dry needling) and Neuromuscular Physical Rehabilitation to help patients help themselves, and achieve long term results. Jeremy looks at the body as a whole functioning unit. Sometimes injuries are simple and the area of pain is a simple isolated injury. However, often the area of pain is often due to a cascade effect that originated elsewhere. These pains are often recurrent, and require a little more "detective work" to isolate and treat the cause. Outside of clinic Jeremy has a keen interest in animals, sport and the great outdoors. He also enjoys cooking, and writing novels (when he has time!)

Barbara Hummel MCSP - Physio First

Barbara Hummel Barbara practices as a Holistic Physiotherapist with over 30 years experience in physiotherapy and complementary medicine. She places great emphasis on teaching clients how to improve their function and quality of life through active self-help regimes.

Barbara has worked in Orthopaedic Hospitals, Rehab Centres and Sports Injury Clinics, and is currently mainly contracted to provide musculoskeletal physiotherapy for occupational health by three of the larger employers in the Highlands.

Every patient undergoes a detailed assessment and is provided individualised treatment plan which forms the basis for a rehabilitation program. Barbara typically combines traditional Physiotherapy and manual therapy techniques with Acupuncture, Reflex Therapy and Yoga.

Barbara is registered by the Health and Care Professions Council as Chartered Physiotherapist and also holds certificates to teach Yoga and Manual Handling.